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Welcome to the official Piggiepigpigs Website! Thank you for stopping by :-) Here you will find my useful hints, tips and information on keeping Guinea Pigs and Hamsters. My information will range from suitable cages, good healthy foods, healthy treats, toys, health and recommended piggie accessories.

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22/10/2015 - Pet Show Update

We have now booked to be at the National Pet Show at the Birmingham NEC on the 7th & 8th November 2015! Come a long and see us, we will have a wide range of items available to purchase. Keep checking Facebook for further updates.

18/10/2015 - Fleece Update

We have introduced new fleeces to our collection, please check them out on our fleece page.

03/03/2015 - Featured in Regional and National Newspapers!!

Hello Everyone! As many of you are aware I have been featured in several national newspapers regarding my YouTube videos and Piggiepigpigs. These articles have come off the back of an interview I gave to my local newspaper - The Nottingham Post. Original interview is here ----> Nottingham Post

While I am excited to have been featured I would like to correct a couple of inaccuracies that have sneaked into the articles. Firstly - m...y salary at my old job was never £30,000. I only wish it had been that much money, that would have been fabulous!! It was a major step for me leaving my old job and I debated doing it for the best part of a year. I needed to be sure it was the right decision for me and it turns out so far I believe it is.

Secondly, the income from my YouTube videos is not £2000 a month. I do not intend to divulge my PPP earnings for all and sundry but I can categorically state the articles have got the number wrong, and my salary was only very lightly touched on. My main income is from my online shop where I sew my own comfy piggie items and sell other pet bits. Which you all know about!

The articles have attracted a wide range of comments from people who are pleased for me and other people who maybe don't understand what I do. I would like to personally thank everyone who has shown me support and posted positive comments about me. I truly do appreciate it and want you all to know that.

Thank you again everyone, Laura xxx

07/02/2015 - New Product - The Wheek-a-boo

We can now announce that we have designed and created the new Piggiepigpigs Wheek-a-boo. This design is an exclusive creation developed over the wintertime of 2014 and tested by my own piggies. The wheek-a-boo is big enough to fit 2 piggies comfortably. Wheek-a-boos will be on general sale from now. 

01/01/14 - Piggiepigpigs Products for Animal Show 25th & 26th Jan 2014

We are currently working on the Piggie Digs, Piggie Snugs and other Piggiepigpigs small pet items for the Harrogate small animal show during 25th & 25th January 2014, we aim to take 100-200 items with us. We we looking at doing offers at the show and the first buyers will receive free pet treats. Click on the image above for more information about the Show which is sponsored by Burgess Pet Care

There will be a few items throughout January put in the online shop so keep an eye out for them on facebook and keep checking the shop. Normal supply of items and some custom orders will be continued after the show in February 2014.

24/11/2013 - Christmas 2013 Last Postage Dates

Christmas is only 1 month away and if you were to place a custom order before 8th November then we will complete it ready for the Royal Mail Christmas delivery dates as below: 

Unfortunately we will not be doing any more custom orders after the 8th November and will resume taking custom orders during February 2014. Keep checking the shop for items we will be adding.

For general shop sales - items bought from www.shop.piggiepigpigs.com after the dates above to your home country may not arrive before Christmas, be sure to order early if you require items to arrive in time.

31/10/2013 - New Product - The Pigtop

We can now announce that we have designed and created the new Piggiepigpigs Pigtop. This design is an exclusive creation developed over the summertime of 2013 and tested by my own piggies. The Pigtop is big enough to fit 2 piggies comfortably. The roof is nice and spacious which allows plenty of ventilation. The picture shows my own full grown boars Billy and Bobby exploring. Pigtops will be on general sale in November 2013. 

21/10/2013 - Final Custom Order Date Before Christmas

Christmas is not far away now so if you were thinking of placing a custom order please do make sure you send it to me by 8th November 2013. This will ensure me plenty of time to make your order and ship it to you in time for Christmas. Please click here to find out how to place a custom order with me.

Unfortunately we will not be doing any more custom orders after 8th November 2013 due to me stockpiling lots of lovely items ready for the annual Harrogate Small Pet Show which takes place on 25th & 26th January 2014 in Harrogate, UK. Piggiepigpigs will have a stall again so please pop along if you can and be sure to say hi!

Custom orders will resume after the show in February 2014.  

27/01/13 - New Product - Pigwam

We can now announce that we have designed and created the new Piggiepigpigs Pigwam - All 6 that were made up sold out on the first day at the Small Animal Show in Harrogate, congratulations to the new owners! Keep checking the shop for when more get made up.

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