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About Piggiepigpigs

Welcome to the official Piggiepigpigs Website! Thank you for stopping by J Here you will find my useful hints and tips and information on keeping Guinea Pigs and Hamsters. My information will range from suitable cages, good healthy foods, healthy treats, toys, health and recommended piggie accessories.

I am now the proud owner of an online shop in which I design and produce my own guinea pig accessories to help piggies lead a comfortable and relaxed life J

Most of you will probably know me from Youtube. My name is Laura and I love small animals. It all started back in 2009 when I made a C&C cage for my 2 piggies Gus and Hercules. I found it very difficult to find the materials in the UK so I thought I would upload a few videos onto Youtube aimed at helping people in the UK to find and build C&C cages for their own piggies.

A few videos later I started receiving comments and video requests – so I carried on making more! The rest you can say is history. Over 100 videos later, 2 more piggies, 2 hammies and 4 ratties added to my critter family, I am still here making videos, running a facebook page and now running an online shop and website. Who knows what else the future may bring!

About the Piggies

So, I am now mommy to 4 Guinea Pigs, 2 Hamsters and 4 Rats. Let me introduce them  to you.


Gus is my short haired American Guinea Pig. He was born November 5th 2009. His brother is Hercules but they unfortunately both wanted to be the dominant piggie so they now have to live separately as they started to fight very aggressively. Gus is a lovely little fellow. He is very sweet natured and loves posing for photos! (well, he is the only one who will sit still hee hee!) Gus lives with Alfie in their own C&C cage which is a 2X5 in size. An interesting fact about Gus is that he has one black eye and one blue.


Hercules is another of my American short haired Guinea Pigs. He was born November 5th 2009. He is the brother to Gus but they do not tolerate each other unfortunately. Boys will be boys! Hercules lives with 2 other guinea pigs - Fozzie Bear and Chewwy (short for Chewbacca, if you see him you will know why!) Hercules is the big boss pig and is very lively! He loves to parade around his cage. He really does think he is king of the castle. You can often see him rumble strutting around the place showing who is boss.

Chewwy - (RIP my little friend - 05/02/10 to 21/04/12)

Chewwy was my long haired Peruvian Guinea Pig. He was such a sweetie. He is the brother of Fozzie Bear and was born February 5th 2010. He was often seen begging for veggies as in his opinion his belly is never full! He had a neat trick where he will stand on his back legs and give my face a kiss for veggies. Such a softie! He dislikes having his nails trimmed and hates baths. He does need to be bathed more often than the other piggies due to his long fur.

Unfortunately we battled with an URI for two weeks with him and the poor little guy just was not strong enough, he is now at the rainbow bridge. Tribute video:  http://youtu.be/dpnu72dK3Zs

Fozzie Bear

Fozzie is my Abyssinian Guinea Pig. He has gorgeous blue eyes and was born on February 5th 2010. He is the brother of Chewwy. Fozzie is a spunky little fellow. He does not like his fur touched and will often buckaroo if you touch his hair-do! He is a sweetie and one of the liveliest of the bunch! You can often see him wheeking for veggies and he enjoys grooming  the other piggies which is super cute to watch.


Alfie is my most recent addition to my heard. He is a rescue piggie and was destined to become snake food before he was surrendered to a local guinea pig rescue. We believe he was born around March 2010. He is a short haired guinea and has a lovely soft shiny coat. He lives with Gus and looks up to him as a father figure. He is currently going through his michevious teenager stage so it's a good job Gus is there to keep him in check!







About the Hammies

Lady Penelope - (RIP my little friend)

'P' was my sweet little cream banded Syrian Hamster. She was a rescue Hammie and we believe she was born around Christmas 2010! She was so sweet natured and well behaved. She loved to explore and is very attached to my other half! She seems to love him. She can often be seen running around her cage, pouches full, looking for a bit of fuss! She lived in a 3 Storey Imac fantasy next to Tubs.


Mr Teddy Tubs - (RIP my little friend)

Tubs (as we call him for short) is a long haired Syrian Hamster. Long haired hamsters are also referred to as “Teddy Bear” hamsters. I rescued Tubs from the adoption section of a local pets at home store. I was told that he was originally purchased for a young child who no longer wanted him so he was returned back to the store a few months later. He came back to the store in a bit of a state – his fur was all matted as he had never been groomed. The store assistants had to cut a lot of his fur out. He now lives with me in a 2 storey Imac fantasy cage. I adore these cages. In my opinion, one of the best by far. Tubs is a cheeky little chappie – very tame indeed and loves to run around looking for tit bits.



About the Ratties


I was at work one day when someone advertised a pair of rats free to a good home. I replied to the post to say I knew some rat rescues locally. Basically the man who had the rats had tenants who left and did not take the rats with them. The rats were going to be delivered to me but in the meantime one of them passed away from a skin infection.

The lonely rat - Tilly - was brought to me, she came in a cage which was quite bare and dirty. I got her some toys, cleaned her up and tried to tame her. She was not used to being touched and tried to bite me all the time! She also had mites which I had to treat before I got her some friends. That's where Niblet and Piglet come into the picture!



Niblet & Piglet

Niblet & Piglet are hairless rats! Some people think they are funny looking but I think they are adorable. They have curly whiskers and deep red eyes. They look quite wrinkly when sat down.

I got them at around 6-8 weeks old and popped them in with Tilly. Tilly loved them so much. Within 5 minutes she was cuddling them and protecting them. They then huddled in a group and fell asleep together. What a sucessful introduction. Much easier than guinea pigs!




I got Leia from a friend of mine. Leia came from a pet shop but was sold as a boy! The pet shop did not sex her properly. My friend only had boy ratties and could not keep her so I offered her a home with my trio (or mischief as a group of rats are known as) Leia immediately took to the other rats and they were playing and cuddling almost instantly. All the rats now live in a Liberta Explorer cage which is lovely and spacious. Some people think rats are dirty smelly creatures. I completely disagree. Granted, they do have their own odour but they are so clean.

They are constantly grooming and are not dirty at all. In fact, they are much cleaner than my guinea pigs!







You can find out more about my animals on my Facebook or Youtube. I have many videos with them in so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!