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Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets. They are inquisitive, friendly  and a joy to own. The first thing to remember about guinea pigs is that they need companionship OF THEIR OWN KIND.

I cannot stress this enough – Guinea Pigs really should not be kept alone. Guinea pigs are such sociable animals and interact with each other all day. They are very vocal and show various different behavioural displays. Guinea pigs are herd animals and need friends of their own kind. Keeping pigs in a pair or larger groups will make for a happy life for them. Guineas thrive in company of their own kind. A human cannot take the place of another guinea pig – no matter how much attention you show them.

If you have a pig that refuses to live in the same cage as another, just having another pig around that they can see, hear and smell will make them much more happier.

Pigs that are kept in pairs or groups are often much more friendly and active. When a pig lives alone you may find they become depressed and lethargic. If you have a single pig please consider adopting a friend for it.

Apparently in Sweden it is actually illegal to sell someone a single guinea pig if they do not already have existing pigs in which it will be going to live with. I wish more countries were like this.

When keeping guinea pigs, please keep them in same sex groups. If you mix the sexes, please be prepared for lots of babies. Guinea pigs will breed often and can produce numerous litters in their lifetime. Females (sows) will get along fine in pairs or larger groups. In my experience, boys (boars) can live together also but it is best to either get males together at a young age, or if you have an older boar, introducing a baby or two will be the easier option. Adult boars will not usually see baby pigs as a treat and will often accept them.

Some people neuter their boars in an attempt to calm down their behaviour. I do not personally believe that neutering a boar will change its behaviour. This will purely stop it from being able to breed. I know a lot of people will agree with me.