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Guinea Pig Diet

I personally think that a pellet diet is the best diet you can feed your pig. Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C so a pellet formula with added Vitamin C is a must. I feed mine Burgess Excel Pellets which is high in fibre, has added vitamin C and rich in nutrients.

Guinea Pig Museli is okay, although it cannot prevent selective feeding and the levels of vitamin C can be lower. Guinea pigs will tend to pick out their favourite bits and will often leave their least favourite in the bowl. A pellet diet is best.

On top of the pellet food, guinea pigs need an unlimited amount of good quality meadow/timothy hay. Guinea pigs constantly eat and are grazing animals. They always need a constant supply of food they can graze on to keep their digestive systems ticking over. Hay also helps wear your guinea pigs teeth down. Guinea pigs teeth will constantly grow, so a good food and wooden chew toys are a must.