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Guinea Pig Housing

Your guinea pigs will need a spacious cage with a sheltered area. I know a lot of people choose to keep guinea pigs outside however I believe that they are an indoor pet and should live permanently indoors. Pigs will enjoy time outside when then weather is warm but should be bought inside overnight.

Pigs like a lot of room to run about and popcorn in. I personally believe the best cages for guinea pigs are the ones you can build yourself and are called C&C cages. C&C stands for Cubes and Coroplast. Please see my link here for more information.

The minimum recommended space for a single guinea pig is 7.5 square foot. For each additional pig, please add on another 3-4 square foot.

Guinea pigs like to have spaces where they can hide and feel safe. A hut or cardboard box will work fine. My pigs often spend time under their kitchen areas as this is quite secluded and covered area of the cage. They also like to hide under their pine bed or inside Piggie Digs or Piglus. I also give my pigs wooden bridges and plastic Pet Iglus in which they will also spend time in.

With C&C cages you can also build upwards to add more space to the cage. The pigs should always have a large ground floor to run around in. I use my second level of my cages for the kitchen areas. Here they are supplied with hay, pellets and water. I also put a bowl of pellets on the ground floor for them to nibble on. When adding a second floor, the ramp must not be too steep and must have a good grip so they can easily walk up and down. You can easily add sides to a ramp which will provide extra safety for your pigs.