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Piggiepigpigs Lady Bugs - £9.50 each


A "Lady Bug" is a cosy cushion for your small pet to chill out and take a nap! It would be great for any type of small animal!

Lady Bugs are made from fleece and felt. My Lady Bugs are padded to make a lovely fluffy cushion and finished with felt spot detailing! Please note that as these are handmade its nearly impossible to have the spots symmetrical - but we do try! My Lady Bugs also have little antennas which are very cute :)


Width: 11 inches / 28 centimetres approx.
Length: 11 inches / 28 centimetres approx.

How to buy?

Check my current items for sale for Lady Bugs in my Online Shop

Or if you would like one of these, contact me. More information on custom item requests can be found here.