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Piggiepigpigs Pigtop - £23 each



What is a Pigtop? Why - it's a Piggie Big Top of course!

A Pigtop is a cosy hideout for your small pet to chill out and take a nap! It would be great for most type of small pets! This design is usually most popular with Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and small Rabbits :) Please have a look at the dimensions to see if it would fit your pet.

The Piggiepigpigs Pigtops are made from a patterned fleece (your pets will only be touching the fleece side for their nap and play times). The structure itself is made from sturdy foam to retain its shape.


Overall Height: 10 inches / 25 centimetres approx.
Side Height: 6 inches / 15 centimetres approx.
Width: 12 inches / 30 centimetres approx.
Depth: 12 inches / 30 centimetres approx.
Diameter: 12 inches / 30 centimetres approx.

How to buy?

Check my current items for sale for Pigtop's in my Online Shop

Fancy something different? Why not have your own fabric combination custom made?!

Choose your fleece combination and have a custom Piggiepigpigs Pigtop made up to your specification! More information on custom item requests can be found here.

A useful tip for custom ordering a Pigtop - choose an all fleece design, the fleece holds a better shape than the cotton fabric outer layer.